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Windows 98 Vcache Error

QUICK FIX for Win98, SE, Me VCACHE All users Tune VCache with a freeware Utility Cacheman: Download this small FREE cache-specific utility to make the VCache changes. strickerje, Mar 28, 2010 #2 I-che Messages: 493 Hi strickerje, you might need to reduce allocated recourses to Win 98 virtual machine. Edited October 11, 2007 by soporific 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites soporific    0 0 724 posts June 12, 2005 Posted October 11, 2007 (edited) MinFileCache can be set to about 1/2 of MaxFileCache, or to the same as MaxFileCache. http://introbuilder.net/windows-98/windows-98-protection-error-vcache.php

Note: For info on optimizing the swap file click here. So far, I've had no success running Windows 3.11, 95, 98, or 98SE under Parallels 5. or read our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site. Since I'm running it off a flash drive (won't detect my SSD) and it was just a fun project, running with only 1/8 of my RAM is not an option. i thought about this

No MinFileCache. and it can be easily slipstreamed into Windows installation CD. 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Tihiy    180 the creator 180 1,657 posts November 19, Anyway, for what it is worth, my point is one should use lower and lower MaxFileCache values, as the memory gets bigger and bigger. It's far too tempting not to allow Windows work with the default (dynamic resizing).

I didn't realize you were just testing the patch. If the problem clears, try these VCache settings: Set MaxFileCache in System.ini to reduce the maximum amount of memory that VCache can use to 512 MB (524,288 KB), or a little VCACHE can dynamically change depending on the available disk space and memory an application requires. Mixed usage: minfilecache=131072 (or do not set it) maxfilecache=491520 Mainly Windows/Applications usage: maxfilecache=522240 (MaxFileCache should not exceed 524,288).

Gamers, and users without optimal RAM quantity, are still likely to gain by limiting the size of VCache's MaxFileCache. The Window default for VCache is adequate for many Win98, SE, Me users. 3. Ah, you were saying that some systems it will work and others it will not (depending on the RAM configuration). This applies to Win95/98/SE/Me.

Since they could load from the vcache instead of from the hard drive it was faster. Backup System.ini first - always before making a change - that's what experts always do! 2. MB? The higher you set it, then the less will be available to your own software/games.

Large aligned programs do open up some 20% faster. dig this Unless you have other reasons to use the Win98 I would change to Win2000. m 0 l Related resources MSGSRV32 ERROR MESSAGE DURING STARTUP on a Windows 98SE Sy.. - Forum Error: Insufficient Video Memory Detected - Tech Support I am using Photoimpact version 5.0.after The suggested settings, below, are specific to Windows 98, SE, & Me They do not apply to VCache & Win95 2.

If setting MaxFileCache=524288 doesn't work then physically removing RAM is the only alternative. Limiting the no-upper-limit default for MaxFileCache is the critical setting MinFileCache This setting determines the initial size of the disk cache (VCache, in RAM) for your system. Only gamers and low RAM systems can expect any worthwhile improvement by tweaking Win98's/Me's VCache, but read VCache Settings & Win98 page (especially gamers, and users with <64MB or 128MB+ RAM) It NEEDS tweaking.

The installation process goes fine, but when I boot into the installed OS for the first time, I get a black screen with the message "While initializing device VCACHE: Windows protection And if they can't get enough, that means hitting the swap file. hard drive, and we all know which is faster... According to Microsoft it will use most of the available memory, but will give memory back to run other programs as needed.

Comprehensive Win98 settings are on the Win98 & Me VCache Settings page. I created one (obviously it's empty). SwapMon (freeware; 44KB, Swap Monitor without VB5 runtime file) SwapMon (freeware; 1,489KB, Swap Monitor with VB5 runtime file) • A full reboot is necessary after an alteration is made

Where is performance more important to you?

You want it to end up looking like above, except with your values. The MinFileCache can be left unaltered (default, dynamic). There is still some speed gain to be achieved for gamers, and for low-memory systems. It should be adjusted in Win95, and can normally be left unaltered in Win98/Se/Me except for gamers.

BleepingComputer is being sued by Enigma Software because of a negative review of SpyHunter. On computers with large amounts of RAM, the maximum cache size can be large enough that Vcache consumes all of the addresses in the system arena, leaving no virtual memory addresses strickerje, Mar 27, 2010 #1 strickerje Messages: 5 Just an update... The default setting is to let Win95 handle it.

First boot it gave me this error. That sounds very tidy indeed, especially when combined with FAT32 (4KB Clusters on the Hard Disk itself - think about it!).