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Windows 98 Shut Down Error


If Windows shuts down properly, determine the culprit by ruling out the programs one-by-one: FOR WIN98 or ME: Use MSCONFIG. Put a check mark back into the check boxes one at a time and reboot. MS-MVP Mark Phillips reports repairing almost all shutdown problems in his office environment by moving the network card. When the shutdown problem occurs, you will have identified the command causing the problem.

Programs running in the background can cause many Windows problems including slowness. 3w. When you restart Windows a second time, the drivers associated with the device are again loaded in memory and the shutdown problem returns. For information about how to do so, contact your BIOS manufacturer Plug and Play BIOS In some cases, the BIOS and Windows may not be communicating properly with the computer hardware System is slow. 2t. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/238096

Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement

Choose Command Prompt Only. Lines that have a small Windows98 symbol beside them are necessary for the system to boot correctly. In the Value box, click the IRQ you want to reserve.

NOTE: In Win98 and ME, you can use MSCONFIG and merely uncheck such lines on the WIN.INI tab. Microsoft identified this problem in Knowledge Base article 200692, advising that you contact Compaq for a solution, or simply disabled the software. For an alternate way to disable floppy scan in Norton AntiVirus Go to this link: http://support.dell.com/us/en/kb/document.asp?DN=TT1030679 You can also access this information from the Dell Knowledge Base at http://support.dell.com/us/en/kb/ Go to Windows 98 Shutting Down Microsoft's on-line version, previously here, has been withdrawn.

Please be aware that all of these programs will reload the next time you start your computer unless you make some changes to your Startup folder. Windows 98 Se Shutdown Supplement Make sure that if you installed something that is compatible with the hardware and software already on your computer. Eleventh Step: RULE OUT WINDOWS FILE SYSTEM SETTINGS Right-click on My Computer and select Properties. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/239887 When the Display Properties dialog box opens, click Cancel.

Type "Test Configuration" in the To box. Detailed procedures are given for addressing these various possibilities. For more information, see this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article No. MAPPED NETWORK DRIVE PROBLEMS When you shut down Windows 95 or 98 with a significant number of mapped network drives, the computer may stop responding.

Windows 98 Se Shutdown Supplement

Troubleshooting Shutdown problems - Microsoft KB article Q238096 (39). http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000154.htm If this provides a solution, you can then use process of elimination to determine which program is causing the problem. Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement Therefore, if you have an ATI Rage 128 installed, and then connect an external USR 56K USB modem to your computer and install certain drivers, you may not be able to Windows 98 Shutdown Command Click the hardware profile you are currently using, and then click Copy.

Click the Troubleshooting tab. If this doesn't work you can run Dell Diagnostics as outlined in step 7w to check for hardware failure. (Return to TOC) 2t. Restart Windows. If it shuts down properly, the problem may be caused by a command line in the AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS file. Windows 98 Fast Shutdown

Contact your computer's manufacturer for assistance. Choose "Step-By-Step Confirmation." Press Y at each of the following prompts if it occurs (press N for any other prompts): Load DoubleSpace driver Process the system registry DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\IFSHLP.SYS Load the Disable fast shutdown (Windows 98 only). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With Fast Shutdown disabled, Windows will un-initialize all drivers before shutting down. If you want to install the new Shutdown Supplement, and you have the original one installed, you should uninstall that one first.

If Scandisk doesn't fix your problem follow all of the steps in the troubleshooting section in order. Repeat this step until you have disabled all devices but DO NOT disable any system devices. ATI RAGE 128 There is an incompatibility with some US Robotics 56K USB modem drivers and earlier ATI Rage 128 video drivers.

Double-click the branch containing the device you want, click the device, and then click Properties.

Top of Page Home Site Map Search Forums Feedback Donate Reboots when you try to shut down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is usually the result of Fast Shutdown being enabled. Installing this update will prevent some existing applications and new versions of third party software from crashing because of incompatibility between some Microsoft applications and third party software. - Download speu.exe The [boot] and [386Enh] sections of SYSTEM.INI (already tested above) are not executed (except that Load= and Run= lines are processed.

For information about how to do so, contact your BIOS manufacturer. The driver PCCARD.VXD can cause a memory corruption during shutdown, which forces the antivirus program to hang. Over-ride any advice about not needing to do it and run a COMPLETE defrag. (Return to TOC) 4w. Bring up the End Task menu by pressing [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del].

We recommend trying it both ways. Save the changes to the WIN.INI file and exit SYSEDIT. For information about this issue, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Q231666 Anti-virus Causes Computer to Stop Responding When You Shut Down You will not have damaged anything when you reboot and can press [Esc] to cancel the ensuing Scandisk.

Eighth Step: RULE OUT PROGRAMS LOADED FROM STARTUP FOLDER Restart Windows without any Startup folder programs loading. Microsoft also offers several other methods for solving shutdown problems. If you install into a new folder, apply the Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement as referenced in this article, and you still experience problems shutting down, check with your hardware