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Windsock Error 10013


Therefore I used www.google.com: struct sockaddr_in server; remoteHost = gethostbyname("www.google.com"); // get IP of www.google.com server.sin_addr.s_addr = *((unsigned long *)remoteHost->h_addr); // inet_addr(""); server.sin_family = AF_INET; server.sin_port = htons(80); The output of Post your comments Post Anonymously Please enter the code: Login username password forgot password? Outdated drivers also may be the culprits behind a socket error 10013. If not, check with your Winsock vendor to see if they have a newer Winsock available. http://introbuilder.net/socket-error/windows-mail-error-10013.php

TCP/IP scenario: Most Winsock implementations use domain name system (DNS) protocol for hostname to address resolution, although a few use Network Information System (NIS). It's also possible that the local services file has an incorrect port number (although it's unlikely). So, for example, if a Winsock implementation doesn't support SOCK_RAW with IPPROTO_IP (or any other protocol), then the socket call would fail with WSAEPROTONOSUPPORT (however, if it doesn't support SOCK_RAW at Not the answer you're looking for? https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms740668(v=vs.85).aspx

Socket Error 10054

The Winsock description for this error is 'the specified socket type is not supported in this address family.' So, for example, you can expect this error if a Winsock implementation doesn't It feels like my winform app still is binding the address but it shouldnt be. asked 4 years ago viewed 4795 times active 4 years ago Blog Stack Overflow Podcast #93 - A Very Spolsky Halloween Special Related 2Receiving Multicast Messages on a Multihomed Windows PC0What

User suggestions: Some network systems have commands to report statistics. I see three bugs in your code related to that: 1) You are not zeroing out the sockaddr_in before using it. It means that there is a blocking operation outstanding.It is also possible that Winsock might return this error after an application calls connect a second time on a non-blocking socket while Socket Error 10054 Connection Reset By Peer The option is unknown or unsupported.WSAEPROTONOSUPPORT (10043) Protocol not supported The protocol has not been configured into the system, or no implementation for it exists.

Check the destination address you are using. Winsock Error 10053 You should simply ignore this error when it occurs.WSAEINTR (10004) Interrupted system call A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall. Do a "netstat -o" in a command prompt to detemine if a service is keeping that port open.Even further, you may be looking at corruption/incorrect .dlls or other softwarte conflicts?Hope this User suggestions: There may be too many Winsock applications running simultaneously, but this is unlikely since most network systems have many socket handles available.

If possible, I set it up so that this won't happen with the same site again. Bind Error 10013 Tftpd It also occurs with functions that take a socket handle and a sockaddr structure as input parameters. Try reconnecting at a later time.WSAECONNABORTED (10053) Software caused connection abort A connection abort was caused internal to your host machine. This means another type of request to the name server will result in an answer.

  1. WSAEWOULDBLOCK (10035) Operation would blockThis is a temporary condition and later calls to the same routine may complete normally.
  2. However, there's little distinction between WSAEALREADY and WSAEINVAL since a WinSock DLL cannot tell the difference between an asynchronous operation that has been cancelled and one that was never valid.
  3. Developer suggestions: You need to be prepared to handle this error on any functions that reference blocking sockets, or any calls to blocking functions, if you allow the user to cancel
  4. I know that i could use IcmpSendEcho2() function, but i decide to do this this way: struct ICMPh { unsigned char typ; unsigned char kod; unsigned short suma_spr; unsigned short id;
  5. share|improve this answer edited Jan 25 at 14:29 answered Jan 25 at 14:20 Ghostali 13 add a comment| up vote -1 down vote Error 10013 is most likely caused by a
  6. there is a possibility that something is using port 25.
  7. A socket operation encountered a dead host.
  8. If the error is intermittent, it could also be that you are trying to connect to the server too often, in violation of the server's policies (especially mail servers).
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  10. Furthermore you can add rules to allow your program to do things (but since your program changes during development you propably need a new rule after each build).

Winsock Error 10053

If you used a hostname, did it resolve to the correct address? However, there are some TCP/IP dialers that install their own Winsock.dll which may not be compatible with our programs. Socket Error 10054 Login. What Is A Socket Error Browse other questions tagged windows-7 networking or ask your own question.

If not, one should contact the Internet service provider (ISP) and ask for help in adding the new server to the list. see here A final brutal way is to deinstall it. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. WinSock description: The 'address' they refer to, typically refers to the local 'socket name', which is made up of the 3-tuple: protocol, port-number and IP address. Socket Error 10049

Not the answer you're looking for? Sandbox session gets confused across browser tabs What's in Naboo's core, liquid water or plasma? Why cast an A-lister for Groot? http://introbuilder.net/socket-error/windows-socket-error-10013.php Is there a technical term for this simple method of smoothing out a signal?

Why does Wolfram Alpha say the roots of a cubic involve square roots of negative numbers, when all three roots are real? Bind Error 10013 An Attempt Was Made To Access A Socket In A Way Forbidden By Its Access Permissions Is there an illusion in the tutorial area? How much and what type of damage does Warlock Thought Shield deal?

WSASYSNOTREADY (10091) Network SubSystem is unavailable The Winsock implementation cannot function at this time, because the underlying system it uses to provide network services is currently unavailable.

Slave-maker ants raid other ants' nests and steal their broods, making them work as slaves when they mature. Sometimes, all I have to do is use a different browser. Ad Discuss this Article anon351760 Post 4 I got that error, because in my app, I used two Idtcpservers (Indy) with two different ports. Socket Error 10013 share|improve this answer answered Oct 23 '14 at 19:30 Lukas Thomsen 1,5562619 Thanks, but as i said in the question, I have already disabled my Kaspersky but to no

Once you have identified the offending program, it should be possible to add an exception so that you can still run both programs without interference. NFS is 'network-related' in the strictest sense, but the NFS protocol is an application protocol (that is, a 'high-level' protocol). WinSock description: The 'address' it refers to is the remote socket name (protocol, port and address). Get More Info Check your Winsock, protocol stack, network driver, and network interface card configuration.

So I went ahead and re-installed and activated my version of Windows. Oracle flashback query syntax - all tables to same timestamp How do XMP files encode aperture? I wonder what did it. .net sockets windows-7 tcplistener share|improve this question asked Jul 23 '10 at 1:01 acidzombie24 43.2k138457819 Perhaps firefox was using the port that your app windows-7 networking share|improve this question asked Apr 18 '12 at 1:52 Chris 1841412 What exactly are you doing that is causing the permission denied message?

If the signal handler performs a normal return, the interrupted function call will seem to have returned the error condition. If this tends to occur after running certain applications for a while, it might be a symptom of an application that doesn't return system resources (like memory) properly. If you have more than one server configured, the hostname query fails only after the Winsock DLL has queried all servers. By calling shutdown, you do a partial close of a socket, which means you have discontinued sending.

For protocol and services resolution, the name or number was not found in the respective database. This means permission access will be adamantly denied. Join the community of 500,000 technology professionals and ask your questions. Sandbox session gets confused across browser tabs "/usr/bin/ping" is shown as yellow-on-red in the default Fedora bash color scheme -- what does it mean?

English fellow vs Arabic fellah Is there a "weighting" involved with Sitecore.ContentSearch.SearchTypes.SearchResultItem? Winsock only allows a single blocking operation to be outstanding per task (or thread), and if you make any other function call (whether or not it references that or any other Positional Bathroom Etiquette Why do dealers in Vegas check ID even if I look older than 25? I got that error.

WSAEREMOTE (10071) Too many levels of remote in path Item is not local to the host. Firewalls are made to protect a computer from harmful connections, so they will often restrict server connections. This error occurs when the sin_port value is zero in a sockaddr_in structure for connect or sendto. Note that depending on the number of suggestions we receive, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

forgot password? The ICMP message means that the router can't forward the IP datagram, possibly because it didn't get a response to the ARP request (which might mean the destination host is down).WSAENOTEMPTY I suspected i have to reuse ports so i wrote this in and still had no luck server.Server.SetSocketOption(SocketOptionLevel.Socket, SocketOptionName.ReuseAddress, 1); How do i solve this error? -edit- I did notice if