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Windows Cmd Check Error Code


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Sometimes the code is returned by a function deep in the stack and far removed from your code that is handling the error. Happened when checking %ERRORLEVEL% in a cmd file. Disproving Euler proposition by brute force in C Do glass window in space station/space shuttle/other space craft have practical usage? Are basis vectors imaginary in special relativity? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/334879/how-do-i-get-the-application-exit-code-from-a-windows-command-line

Windows Batch File Return Code

Btw if you want to discover all the goodies in cmd.exe, the following commands give good help: if /? What's this I hear about First Edition Unix being restored? It isn’t always pretty, but, it gets the job done. Environment variable %ERRORLEVEL% contains the latest errorlevel in the batch file,which is the latest error codes from the last command executed.

I can think of a few reasons why this feature may have been added. Miscellaneous Tweaks Web Stuff Conversions My Photo Galleries About This Site Disclaimer News FAQ Search What's New Objective Site Policy Your Preferences Credits The Making Of... goto /? Cmd Set Errorlevel See "if /?".

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Assuming your executable returns a non-0 exit code on failure, you do something like: myProgram.exe if errorlevel 1 goto somethingbad echo Success! Batch File Set Exit Code The same behavior can be seen with %CD%: If you did not explicitly set an environment variable called CD, then %CD% expands to the command processor's current directory. This was an issue I fought with a few months ago on an embedded system running DOS (real DOS, not CMD.EXE). Will I encounter any problems as a recognizable Jew in India?

Windows Errorlevel

Use (set errorlevel=) to clear the environment variable, allowing access to the true value of errorlevel via the %errorlevel% environment variable. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms681382(v=vs.85).aspx Even better, I can repeatedly call the bitwise OR with the same error code and still interpret which errors were raised. << Part 2 – Variables Part 4 – stdin, stdout, Windows Batch File Return Code more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Batch File Exit Command Andrew 8) Maurits [MSFT] says: September 26, 2008 at 8:10 pm The IF ERRORLEVEL n test succeeds if the error level is n or more.

It took me a little while to figure out that ERRORLEVEL wasn't a normal environment variable. navigate here You may also want to check for specific error codes. Use of these codes requires some amount of investigation and analysis. Bash uses the variable $? Batch File Exit Code 1

Description Every command or script returns with the status of execution, which is referred as return status or exit codes. share|improve this answer edited Aug 9 at 16:11 Dave Jarvis 16.6k25106204 answered Dec 2 '08 at 18:07 Samuel Renkert 6,90321626 18 If you're running directly from a Windows command line All rights reserved. Check This Out SRS says: September 28, 2008 at 12:26 pm if /?

Use the code above wherever you would have used IF ERRORLEVEL 1 ... Cmd Return Code 1 So you can include the error level in a log file: ECHO error level is %ERRORLEVEL%>logfile

So you can perform other types of tests against the error level, for example, to And, no, I'm not Steve Jansen the British jazz drummer, though that does sound like a sweet career.

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This was presumably because there were programs that expressed different degrees of failure with higher and higher exit codes. gives loads of info on this too. I'll have to go back and fix it because the "greater than or equal to" behavior was expected but won't happen due to my mistake. [It's fine to rely on the Return Value From Batch File Warning messages typically don’t effect the return code.

wscript.quit will return custom return codes from the script Example: vb script for Copying File to a Folder dim filesys set filesys=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") If filesys.FileExists("c:\samplefile.txt") Then filesys.CopyFile "c:\samplefile.txt", "C:\manageengine" exitCode Specifies a numeric number. Jumping to EOF in this way will exit your current script with the return code of 1. this contact form Not the answer you're looking for?

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